Personal Information Collection List

Personal Information Collection List

Type of Personal Information

Scenario/Business Function



User name, email, cell phone number

(Required) game sign-up/login

For game account sign-up, game login, account verification

Unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, personal information will be deleted when the user cancels the account. Detailed rules can be found in the Privacy Policy.

Name of the user’s account with third-party platform

(Required) sign-up/login with a third-party account

Sign-up/login with a third-party account

Real name and ID card No.

(Required for users based in China Mainland) Identity authentication

For identity authentication

Purchase and consumption history

(Required) Payment & settlement

For user’s inquiry and virtual assets protection

Device model, operating system version, UDID, IDFA, IP address, software version No. and location

(Required) Product development and service optimization

Fix game bugs, improve game functions, adopt preventive measures, spot scams, and safeguard user's account

Login logs, item acquisition and use logs, operation information, game battle information, game identification information, game bug information, event participation history, avatar, nickname

(Required) Game service

For game security analysis and improvement of user game experience

In-game texts, images, voice and emails among interactive game players

(Required) Game player interaction service

For screening improper content like porn, violence, politics, abusive language, malvertising, to solve disputes among game players or cooperate with the investigations of regulatory authorities

Name, gender, contact address, payee information, birthday of the game player

(Optional) Benefits

For birthday gift, event gift, event advertisement push to the game players as appropriate (to be collected only upon the consent of the user in certain events)

Email, history and content of communications between the user and us

(Required) Customer service

Provide and record customer service

Microphone, camera, album, storage

(Optional) Additional functions

Microphone: for voice chat;

Camera: shoot and upload photos;

Album: upload images from and store images to the album;

Storage: ensure that the app runs stably, reads or writes images, files, crash logs.

The authorization for the above additional functions is only applied when the user uses certain functions in certain scenarios, and the basic functions are still available even authorization rejected by the user.

The user may disable the authorization of additional functions in the system settings of your mobile device anytime.

If you need to modify your authorized system authority, please go to “Settings” - “Applications management” for viewing and adjustments.

If you need to copy, transfer your personal information, you can contact us by sending email to [], and inform us of the detailed information you need us to provide or process. We’ll provide you with the copy of your personal information upon your request, provided that such request complies with the requirements of relative laws and regulations and is technologically feasible.