im30: Fast is Not Fast Enough!

We work hard and move fast, but we make time to have fun and to enjoy designing games.
We believe this comes across in our games, and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!

What is im30?

im30 creates interesting, social strategy games that are engaging and fun for the long term. We were established in March, 2015 by a team with experience at some of the largest gaming and internet companies in the world. “Fast is not fast enough” is our motto – we innovate fast and grow fast. In our first 6 months, we went from an idea to over 1 million daily active users.

im30 is based in Beijing, China. Our name im30 comes from a Chinese saying “San Shi Er Li,” which roughly translates to when I am 30, I am mature. im30 was founded by a team of 30 somethings who wanted to use their tech experience to create a company that was independent and built to last.

OUR Values

Building beats talking

We don’t just talk about creating great games, we put the hard work in to build them. At im30, we’re constantly building – whether improving and updating our existing games or creating new ones. We let our games speak for themselves.

Sharing is in our DNA

We believe in sharing and teamwork, not hierarchy. Game creation is a collaborative process, which means working together and challenging the status quo. This focus can be seen in our games as well, which encourage players to work together to accomplish larger goals.

We take pride in everything we do

We’re proud of the games we’ve created and proud that millions of people enjoy playing them. We create the kinds of games that we like to play ourselves.

Fast is not fast enough

We build fast, grow fast and think fast. We’re constantly building games, playing games and developing new ideas. Because of our passion and speed, in under a year im30 grew from a 5-person startup with only ideas and dreams to a 160+ employee company with over 15 million monthly active users.