A sudden zombie virus has disrupted the world. No city survived hordes of terrible zombies. This bunker is the last hope of human civilization. And you, are the last hope of all survivors! You need to lead other survivors to rebuild your home in the underground, and find ways to survive. Look for more survivors to create an anti-zombie alliance, and march for the center of the world, Eden!

This continent is under tangled kingdom warfare! You need to base up in the heart of the continent, quell the unrest with your strategy and rebuild your kingdom from the ruins. To stop the invasion that may come at any moment, you need to train your army, recruit heroes, awaken the Giant Dragon and build your own powerful kingdom in this age!

The sweeping zombies destroyed almost all the cities, and human is nearly hopeless. Commander, the survivors need you. Lead them to build the last shelter in the perilous desolation! To survive, you need to search for supplies, and plan your city construction, research army technology to rebuild your home step by step. The endless army of zombies could attack at any time. Commander, will you be able to hold out until the next dawn?

In the challenging Doomsday world, survival is the No.1 rule! No one knows the origin of the virus, and survival is your only belief in this desperate world! Commander, you need to lead the survivors to find water, food and a safe shelter, to rebuild the city step by step; recruit officers, train the army and be ready to fight against the incoming zombies; fight for resources, survive and become the king of the wasteland!

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